.gitignore for Dropbox


If you want a binary, head to the releases tab. Otherwise, you can check out the source on Github.


Download the latest .zip from the releases tab. Run ./install in the resulting folder.


Add a .dbignore to a directory to tell Dropbox to ignore certain files. Files will be ignored if they match any of the patterns in the .dbignore file. See the gitignore docs for more information.


Settings for dbignore are located at ~/Dropbox/.dbignore_config in json format. Currently, the only supported setting is changing the name of the ignore files. If you want to use .gitignore instead of .dbignore, add {"ignore_file_name":".gitignore"} to ~/Dropbox/.dbignore_config.

Supported Platforms

Currently, the only supported platform is OSX. Dbignore has been tested on 10.9 but should work on earlier versions.